Article published on 26 January 2024
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Historical account from 1890 to 1946.

An integral part of Turkey until the second World War, Syria is really born as a nation after the defeat of the Turks by Allenby’s troops. Independence is proclaimed in 1920 and Faysal is chosen as king but the country is placed under French mandate. Faysal rebels, is beaten by Gouraud and flees.

In June 1941, the allied forces take the territories that were under the administration of the Vichy government. General Catroux proclaims the Independence of Syria without making any changes in the French administration. The Syrians become impatient; troubles break out in 1945. The French occupation of Syria ends completely in 1946.


Historical account from 1890 to 1946.

A Turkish territory at the end of the 19th Century, its autonomy guaranteed by European powers, the present Lebanon retains this autonomy within the Kingdom of Syria which was proclaimed in 1920, a consequence of the defeat of the Turks, the allies of Germany.

France obtains from the Society of Nations a mandate over the eastern regions of Syria. Gouraud traces the frontiers of the new state of Lebanon. This state becomes a Republic in 1926, still under French mandate.

Independence is claimed from 1930 onwards. It is proclaimed by General Catroux in 1941 but becomes a reality, under pressure of a national uprising, only in 1943.